LinuxMall.com: XML Medical Terminology Project Seeks To Unify Information

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“Medical terminology can sound like a foriegn and sometimes
frightening language to those not familiar with its specialized
vocabulary. Ailments are commonly described to confused patients in
words they can’t pronounce, let alone understand. As healthcare
providers find ways to bridge this rift, heightened sharing of
information is needed to allow the patient to be informed about
his/her condition and options.”

Extensible Markup Language (XML), an Internet language used
for data representation and description purposes, is being used by
the XML Medical Terminology Project to someday bring together that
enormous base of knowledge.
The Project outline “promises to
bring order and quality to the healthcare information that is
offered over the Internet.” The source code and images are freely
available to anyone interested in setting up their own version of
the project.”

“The project seeks to design a simple tool that “brings the
entire medical health and healthcare disciplines together through
one `gateway.’ With this page as the starting point and ending
point, a visitor can have specific information about any term,
condition or health contition delivered to them, without leaving
the page.”


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