LinuxMedNews: Win4Lin Puts Windows on Linux Desktop

[ Thanks to Saint
for this link. ]

Let’s face it, on the desktop it is still a Microsoft
world. Windows and the myriad useful programs such as Quickbooks,
Lotus Notes and Photoshop, that are unique to it are not going to
go away soon.
While StarOffice 5.2 is VERY compatible with MS
Office, a 100% clone of MS Office on Linux will not be available
for some time, if ever. While many believe Linux on the desktop is
inevitable, the coming years will be a time of transition. One of
the best and least expensive ways to let the two operating systems
co-exist and avoid annoying dual-booting is an excellent product
from Trelos called Win4Lin which lets you run Windows 9x on your
Linux Desktop.”

“While not perfect, it has many benefits: 1) Run Windows and MS
Office from within Linux without having to dual-boot. 2) A crashed
Windows session can simply be re-started from Linux and won’t bring
the entire system down. 3) Runs as fast as native Windows. 4)
Provides a smooth migration path between Windows and Linux. 5)
Costs much less than its competitor VMware.”