LinuxMonth: Undeleting files under Linux with mc

[ Thanks to Anonymous for this link. ]

“While I’m sincerely hoping that you never see hundreds of
needed files evaporating at high speed, I’d like you to be ready
when that day comes.
You’ll probably want to do this as root;
we’ll be mounting and unmounting partitions and working with raw
drive partitions. This may be especially necessary if, like in the
following example, you’ll be unmounting a partition like

  • “Get a copy of Midnight Commander on your system.

    While it’s certainly not the only program that could have the
    undelete ability, it’s the program with which I’m most familiar.
    These days, MC contains the undelete code by default. If your
    distribution doesn’t have it, get a copy from
    http://www.gnome.org/mc/ and install it.

    The best time to do this is before you delete the files – you
    want to make as few changes as possible to a filesystem from which
    you hope to recover files.”

  • “Unmount the partition with the erased file(s).

    You should not attempt to undelete files from a mounted partition –
    you risk corrupting the drive.”