LinuxNews.com: Snaking cable: Ireland connects with Internet TV [via NetGem]

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“This year, the Irish can witness every minute of the fashion
atrocities Americans commit in their name, thanks to a company
based in France called NetGem. NetGem uses a Linux-based open
software platform and a thin-client access device to bring the
Internet, email, and all the news fit to post to Irish consumers
through a box they already have in their homes–the

“At last April’s Las Vegas National Association of Broadcasters’
annual convention, NetGem unveiled the NetBox Cable, the first
interactive Linux-OS-based box that connects through cable.”

“During last March’s press release in Hannover, Joseph Haddad,
NetGem’s co-founder and CEO, said, ‘In the programming world,
Linux means speed, stability, ease of use and, above all,
As the Internet and web-based applications evolve,
we want to ensure that NetGem’s products continue to set the pace.
We believe that the true innovators today are tuned into Linux,
and will provide us with that edge for the future.’ “