LinuxNews.com: Why should XBox have all the fun?

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“Linux games publisher Loki, Creative Technologies and Corel
Corporation have teamed up to release an Open Source,
cross-platform 3D audio library that offers vastly improved 3D
sound to developers working with the Linux gaming plaform,
resulting in more sound effect capability.”

“This is great news for Linux; games running on Linux can now
have the 3D audio features available on other platforms. OpenAL
gives game developers a single 3D audio reference point that will
work on any platform.”

” ‘Open AL represents a milestone for Linux and for the game
industry in general,’ Scott Draeker, president of Loki
Entertainment Software asserted in a recent press release. ‘Until
now, games running on Linux have not had access to the advanced
3D-Audio features available on other platforms. OpenAL provides
those advanced features with an Open Source, non proprietary
implementation which is available not just for Linux, but for
Windows and Maces games as well.’ “