LinuxNews.com: Wine Aging Gracefully

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“Developer Alexandre Julliard will serve no Wine before its

While Wine is still alpha software, “a lot of people are
using it for all kinds of tasks (using Windows-only mail clients,
playing games, running office tools, etc.),” Julliard

“Although Wine’s features are already being enjoyed by users,
Julliard warns that a number of applications have yet to be tested
for use with Wine. “There aren’t really tasks that Wine is more
useful for than others, it all basically depends on the status of
the specific applications. For instance you can use Wine to play
games, and a lot of people have great success doing that, but if
the game you want has never been tested it probably won’t work;
same for office tools, mail tools, etc.”

“The need for further applications testing creates another
problem in development, Julliard said. “The problems users
encounter are mostly bugs or partially implemented functions in
Wine itself. We have a number of debugging mechanisms in place to
allow users to generate bug reports, so that it is usually quite
easy to fix problems once they are reported. But of course there
are so many different applications out there that we haven’t found
all possible problems yet,” he said.”