LinuxOrbit: Galeon 1.2.6 Released

“Yanko and I put together the 1.2.6 release over the last 24
hours or so and it’s now up on sourceforge.

“The binary packages there are against mozilla 1.1, but you can
recompile against any 1.0 or greater version of galeon and it will
build–with one caveat. We have discovered, much to our
frustration, that the mozilla folks changed one of the printing
interfaces between 1.0 and 1.0.1 which they weren’t supposed to do,
so trying to compile against 1.0.1 will fail, but it’s an obvious
fix, which you’ll understand when you see it.

“There’s also a known bug now fixed in CVS where if you have the
‘always show tabs’ pref set and try to close the last tab with the
sidebar open, galeon will crash. I suspect this is not a very
common situation, so it won’t catch many people…”

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