LinuxPlanet: ApacheCon: Fueling the Web Revolution

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“If Open Source has another poster child besides Linux, it’s the
Apache Web server. It seems that when people speak of Open Source
projects, they like to point more at failure than at success. They
point to the fact that Mozilla has taken forever to develop as a
‘failure.’ If Mozilla appears at any time, turns out to be usable
and makes some people happy, then it won’t at that point be a

“But pointing downward at Mozilla is ignoring the incredible
success story of Apache. Although 30 percent of the World Wide Web
is powered by Linux-based servers, the bigger story is Apache.
Netcraft shows the market share of Apache to be in the 58 percent
range, literally dwarfing all competitors.”

“What can you say in the negative about this open-source success
story? I think it’s one of those things that’s hard for some people
to grasp, because it seems like some sort of fairy tale. …
ApacheCon is the yearly convention dedicated to Apache and
Apache products.”