LinuxPlanet: DistributionWatch Review of Storm Linux 2000

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

However, what Stormix adds to the basic Debian GNU/Linux
distribution in Storm Linux 2000 is extremely noteworthy,
especially as Linux becomes a factor in the corporate, enterprise,
and educational spaces.
Besides being extremely easy to
install, Storm Linux adds one crucial piece of functionality of
obvious importance: the framework for a administration system that
relies on open modules….”

“Every major Linux distribution adds value to Linux, whether it
be advanced configuration tools (like Red Hat Linux or
Linux-Mandrake) or other technologies (like the clustering
technologies provided via TurboLinux).”

“Storm Linux adds value through its Storm Administration System.
SAS has the potential of being a valuable tool: by using modules
for administration, it should be easier to add administration
tools, particularly when system developers can add their own C- or
Perl-based modules. Right now this is more concept than reality:
there doesn’t seem to be huge libraries of modules sitting anywhere
on the Web, and Stormix doesn’t really even push the development of
modules (the Stormix Web site doesn’t mention any APIs or guides to
developing modules).”