LinuxPlanet: Lucid Chat: Pricy Discourse? [Review]

“Designed to be a low-overhead and low-maintenance chat server,
Lucid Chat is a refreshing alternative to high-maintenance chat
servers that don’t necessarily enhance the user experience while
managing to eat up a disproportionate amount of system resources.
Lucid Chat is also easy on the end user, needing no special chat
clients, just a standard Web browser like Netscape Navigator or
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x–no Java plug-ins, ActiveX controls
or Netscape plug-ins….”

Lucid Chat features streaming text from a Web interface,
made possible with a proprietary socket daemon that oversees all
chat traffic.

“Administration is done remotely from a Web browser; Lucid Chat
isn’t bloatware that relies on the weight of an X-based graphical
interface, but rather provides a low-overhead Web-based
administration interface. For administrators lacking an intimate
knowledge of their Linux setup–such as many who didn’t set up
their own servers–it means that administration doesn’t require
mucking around in text-based configuration files, just making
changes from anywhere on the network with a Web browser.”