LinuxPlanet: Preview: Kapital, Personal Finance for Linux

“You don’t have to spend much time among the newbie or
distribution mailing lists before the outcry becomes evident: Where
is Quicken?”

“Yes, there’s GNUCash, and there’s a Java-based personal finance
manager, Moneydance, that works wherever Java does. Neither of
these, though, has captured the hearts of those whose passage from
Windows has been marred by lack of a slick, attractive personal
finance manager.”

“With its announcement today of Kapital, theKompany.com hopes to
give would-be Linux users a new object of fiscal affection. An
early beta suggests that the effort might just succeed.”

“Even in its earliest form, the application offers a variety of
account options, stock management, payment scheduling, and check
printing. Shawn Gordon, president of theKompany.com, says that
during the coming months users will determine what additional
features are included.”


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