LinuxPlanet: Rant Mode Equals One: Shhh–We’re Winning

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“The Open Source revolution is in full swing. You need look no
further than the inroads that Linux and Apache are making into the
big-iron world of the Internet to see the evidence.”

“Don’t forget, Open Source is about technology, but it’s really
more of a philosophy. It’s about more than computers, chips,
compilers, and buzzwords. It’s also about mindshare and the
dynamics of a new paradigm of software creation. It’s about being
able to work together with people you’ve never met, on projects
that are in a constant state of flux, on a time schedule that would
cause a hummingbird’s head to spin.”

“The part that’s not so obvious: it’s about honesty. If
I had to condense all defining aspects of the Open Source movement
down to just one quality that shone above the rest, it’s honesty.
Because the Open Source philosophy involves giving everyone
access to what is the most important thing–the code itself–there
are no clandestine, cloak-and-dagger approaches.”