LinuxPlanet: Serial (Software) Monogamy

“At its inception, GNOME flirted briefly with fvwm (inciting an
unhappy spurt of interest in ‘themeability’ for the old girl),
settled in for a cozy while with Enlightenment, and is finally,
mostly settled in with Sawfish. fvwm2 goes on, and the
Enlightenment team are still working toward producing their own,
unique take on what a Linux desktop can be.”

“Balsa, the GNOMEick mail client, was similarly once The GNOME
darling… soldiering on for over a year as rumors came and went of
Miguel’s passion for a new way of doing things that finally
manifested themselves as Evolution. Balsa recently cranked out a
few updates, and it remains a pleasant enough client for use with
any desktop.”

“The latest bride left standing at the altar by Free Software’s
Lothario was, of course, the loose affiliation of packages known as
the ‘GNOME Office,’ AbiWord among them. With the treat (and
opportunity) to atomize StarOffice, which Sun recently GPL’d lying
in front of them, the GNOMEites jumped.