LinuxPlanet: The StartX Files: Between the Sheets with Siag

“Names are important in Siag, as they give big clues as
to what the application is all about. Siag is actually an acronym
for Scheme in a Grid, which right away may tell you something. Or
have you scratching your head.

Not to worry: According to the Scheme Web site at the University
of Michigan, Scheme is “a dialect of the Lisp Programming Language
invented by Guy Lewis Steele Jr. and Gerald Jay Sussman. Originally
called Schemer, it was shortened to Scheme because of a 6 character
limitation on file names. Scheme is a small, exceptionally clean
language which is fun to use. The language was designed to have
very few, regular constructs which compose well to support a
variety of programming styles including functional,
object-oriented, and imperative.”

Which tells you something about Scheme.

To cut to the chase, how this works in Siag is this: you have a
spreadsheet application that can use programming expressions (as
opposed to scripts) to set up almost any function in a spreadsheet
document that you would want.”


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