LinuxPlanet: The Ultimate Anti-Virus Software: Linux

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“Whatcha doing, Slots?” My curiosity, like the rest of the
people in the room, was mounting. “Got a virus, and I’m trying to
get rid of it. Plus, I think somebody hacked into my laptop the
other day while I was surfing the net. I’m not sure, though,” he
said, still working the mouse pointer and running some kind of
virus utility.”

I looked at the laptop and the anti-virus scan. “Hard to
tell with some operating systems,” I said, “whether it’s a virus or
just plain normal operation.
” I used the word normal at this
point, like what we in the Free Software community mean as
fubarred, but that’s beside the point. “What makes you think you
have been hacked?” I asked casually…..”

“Likely some script kiddie with too much time on his hands.
“Man, we’ve been working on you for months to switch to Linux.” I
said. “Why didn’t you do it, and lock your security down. This
wouldn’t have been a problem.”

“Linux?” Slots laughed and shook his head. “Why, Linux is less
secure than Windows. Everybody knows it’s by hackers for hackers.
The stuff practically has ‘hack-me’ written all over it!”