LinuxPlanet: Using the Apache CVS Repository

[ Thanks to Kevin
for this link. ]

“The Apache HTTP Server project keeps all of its source files in
a central CVS source code repository. As changes are made, they are
applied to this master repository; when a release is built, it is
assembled from the same repository. But suppose you want to
keep up with the latest and greatest Apache developments (and
bugs), without having to wait for a release? How would you do it?
That’s what this article is all about.”

“anonymous CVS
This method allows you to keep up by accessing a copy of the master
repository. At least two systems currently make such copies at
intervals and allow those copies to be accessed using a generic
read-only account. This ‘generic’ account is similar to the
‘anonymous’ account used to access FTP repositories, hence the name
‘anonymous CVS,’ like ‘anonymous FTP.’
Needs: a CVS client.”

“tarball download
Synchonising with the sources this way is as simple as pulling down
a compressed tar archive and unpacking it.
Needs: a Web browser, the ability to gunzip files, and a tool
capable of reading tar archives.”

The rsync tool allows you to keep a local directory tree in sync
with a remote one. In this case, you can use it to keep your local
copy of the Apache sources in lockstep with one of the readonly
copies of the master repository.
Needs: an rsync client.”