LinuxPower interviews Loki Entertainment

This past Tuesday, Loki Entertainment announced that their next game,
Civilization 3, would be released for Linux. LinuxPower now
interviews Scott Draeker and Sam Lantinga of Loki Entertainment

“The goal is to sell a shrink-wrapped box on retail shelves. We
want people to be able to walk into, say CompUSA, and pick up a new
computer with Linux and KDE/GNOME pre-installed, then purchase a
couple Linux games to go with it. Shrink-wrapped Linux is already
on the shelf there, so why shouldn’t there be a couple of games
next to it?”

“as the use of Linux expands in the business environment and it
becomes easier to use, we expect to see more Linux desktops at
home. At that point, a consumer desktop market will begin to appear
and continue to grow the Linux installed base. And consumer
desktops need consumer applications like WordPerfect, GnuCash and