LinuxPower: Movies and Music under Gnome

“Welcome to the second installment in my series of presentations
and RPMS of great programs available out there for use with Gnome.
The first of course being the Gnome on Ice article a couple of
weeks back. As promised back then I will this time introduce
you to Grip, a fantastic audio CD ripper from Mike Oliphant. I will
also tell you about GXanim, a nice xanim front-end, created by Rob
Warren for your movie viewing needs. Both applications are
available under the GPL of course.

“Grip is a GTK+ based front-end usable with most of the audio
ripping and encoding tools available out there. It has matured to
become a very powerful and feature packed program, a state that is
underlined by it having reached version 2.8. I will go as far as
saying that it is the undisputed number one in its

“GXanim is a GTK+ front-end for the xanim movie player.It is at
an earlier stage in its development cycle compared to Grip, but it
already supplies the basic functionality to make movie playing
under Linux a breeze. So don’t let it being at version 0.45 scare
you. Being based on xanim enables GXanim to support playing movies
and animations with formats such as FLI, FLC, AVI, Quicktime, SGI
movie and more. MPEG is also supported although without sound and
some limitations in the video.”


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