LinuxPower: Mozilla Strikes Back

“Mozilla has been one of the most of the eagerly awaited
software releases since it’s inception. Yet the project has been
long in the coming and critics have raised questions about whether
we ever would see the day when the Mozilla project would produce a
browser ready to take on the world.”

Well, judging from the latest snapshots Mozilla is now
moving there with great strides. The “hopeless” application of a
few months back is now getting leaner and meaner by the day, and
the Mozilla developers are starting to work on the polish.

Hackers such as Christopher Blizzard and Stuart Parmenter are
working with the rest of the Mozilla hackers on making Mozilla the
greatest browser for Linux users and others alike.”

“…Other things are getting there too, for instance drag and
drop is now working so you can drag and drop URL’s onto your GNOME
desktop or drop files from GMC (and probably Nautilus) into
Mozilla. Basic functionality one might say, but it wasn’t many days
ago that this wasn’t a possibility, and it took a 3000+ line patch
from Christopher Blizzard to get it running. Support for
alpha-transparency with PNG images also seems to work well,
something which was always a sore point with Netscape 4.x.”