LinuxPower: On the road to Enlightenment – Window managing made gorgeous

[ Thanks to Erik
for this link. ]

“Mandrake and Rasterman, those two talented hackers working for
VA Research, have recently released version DR0.16 of their window
manager Enlightenment. I have to admit it took some days before I
bothered to download it…After having used it now for a little
while I have to beg Mandrake and Rasterman my humble forgiveness
for not downloading it on the day of its release. This is truly

One of the first things you will notice with this new
release is the new pager, its is truly beautiful.
It displays
actual pictures of your desktops, with background and all. When you
move your mouse over the miniature images of the windows on your
different desktops they are enlarged. Simply stunning. If this
isn’t to your liking your can disable it enlargement or lower the
image quality to reduce overhead…”

“Which brings me to the next new thing in Enlightenment 0.16.
The menu system. First of is the configuration menu, the E
developers have replaces the old E-configuration tool with a set of
menus on the right mouse button. I think this is a setting that
will please most of those who criticized the previous version of
Enlightenment for being hard or unintuitive to configure. This new
menus are more intuitive in my eyes, and the look is very


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