LinuxPower.org: Making Movies With Linux

Part 5: Lemme Hear You Say Boing!

“Just as the advent of the film projector let the world of
moving pictures stretch its legs after being confined to toys such
as flip books and zoetropes, the next advancement in the
development of motion picture technology was the arrival of sound.
(Did you know that only one silent movie , “Wings”, has won the
Oscar for Best Picture, it was the first Best Picture Oscar ever

“With this in mind I’m going to take you through adding sound to
the movies you’ve already created. The MPEG standard covers 3 types
of MPEG data streams, video, audio and systems, having learned how
to create the video stream you now need the audio and systems data
to go with it and create a fully fledged ‘talikie’ [sic].”