LinuxPower.org: The Wonderful World of Dockapps

“There are many windowmanagers available out there, but there is
only one Window Maker. This is not going to be a review of that
incredible piece of code, but a presentation of all those nifty
little apps that make Window Maker truly stand out. Many of these
little apps might run in other environments as well, like Afterstep
and the GNOME panel, but the large majority of these were made with
Window Maker in mind. And it is my claim that when you first have
let yourself be pulled into this sphere of wonders, it doesn’t
matter how many themes Raster makes for Enlightenment or Marko
Macek makes for ICE, you are first and foremost a Window Maker
acolyte after that. There are of course many more ultracool
dockapps than those I describe here, so don’t despair if I don’t
describe the app that is going to make your life complete, it might
very well be out there.”