LinuxPR: Announcement and Request for Developers: The LNX System

The LNX System Project announced today the existence of the
LNX System, and new Linux/GNU environment, and that the project
seeks additional developers.

“Announcing a new Linux/GNU environment in development, called
the LNX System, or LNXS. We aim to be a well-engineered and
well-documented system, which attempts to draw from the best
practices of other systems, and develop better practices where only
poor ones exist. One of our goals is to document our design using
the IETF RFC document format; our first RFC, number 0000, our
long-term goals statement, is located at
http://lnxs.org/rfc/in-progress/rfc0000-goals.txt. Also, we are in
great need of developers; the following is a list of things we need
people to do which I compiled quickly.”

“These are all volunteer developer positions, as this is a
volunteer, not-for-profit project. There is no formal application
process; just join the list, start contributing, and show