LinuxPR: Bynari Announces Release 1 of TradeMail

The Linux Desktop Client for Microsoft Exchange.

“Today, Tom Adelstein. CIO of Bynari Inc. announced that Release
1 of their TradeMail Enterprise Messaging Suite(code named COBRA)
is ready for download. The software team headed by Nicholas Donovan
compiled two binaries for downloading. One is for Sun Microsystems
Solaris operating system and the other works with current
distributions of Linux with Executable and Linkable Formats.
Release 1 is pre-beta and ready for peer review.”

“We’ve worked on this project steadily since early May,” says
Adelstein. “We’ve solved what often looked like insurmountable
challenges. But we have prevailed. TradeMail allows Linux Desktops
and UNIX workstations to operate as peers in a Microsoft Exchange


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