LinuxPR: Bynari International Announces Release of Trademail 0.1.4 Beta

Bynari International today announces that a beta release of
their graphical email client, Trademail, is available for download.
The new release contains a number of bug fixes, minor additional
features in dialogs, and support for MIME decoding.

“Bynari International announced today a new beta release of
their graphical email client for Linux, Trademail. This release
marks the first beta release of the software, which is nearing
completion in terms of both features and stability. The new version
of the client incorporates a number of bug fixes and new features,
including support for MIME encoded attachments.”

“At this point, we’re considering Trademail done. We have the
Exchange functionality coded and ready to go,” said Tom Adelstein,
CEO of Bynari International. “We’re planning to show it at
LinuxWorld Expo in New York next month.”