LinuxPR: Bynari Systems Group Signs Cobalt Networks as New Product Supplier

“A True Blue Sapphire Partner”

“Bynari Systems Group, a manufacturer and reseller of turnkey
hardware and software solutions, today began operating as a True
Blue Sapphire Partner with Cobalt Networks. Bynari added Cobalt to
their product line earlier in the month.”

“Cobalt Networks, Inc. is the leading developer of network
server appliances. Optimized for Internet and Intranet services and
offering complete, easy-to-use communication and collaboration
services, this product-line caters to enterprise workgroups, small
to mid-size businesses, educational organizations and Internet
Service Providers (ISPs). Cobalt’s network server appliances are
simple, scalable and affordable. The Cobalt product line offers
excellent performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional UNIX
and Windows NT servers.”