LinuxPR: DaZone Tech Inc. Announces WebDbBuilder for Linux

WebDbBuilder is a complete framework for integrating Web
and database technologies.”

“WebDbBuilder is a complete framework for integrating Web and
database technologies. WebDbBuilder includes development tools plus
packaged software modules for key functions. They are all designed
to make WebDbBuilder the most practical system for building
Web-database applications such as various kinds of bulletin board
system, web photo database, guest database, product database, scrap
book, electronic documents storing system and so on. An incredibly
powerful and wonderful web site based on the database can be built
effortlessly, effectively and quickly by WebDbBuilder.”

“WebDbBuilder has been designed to be easy to use for even a
person who does’nt know what the database is and what the web is.
The installation program of WebDbBuilder copies CGI and HTML files
of WebDbBuilder into your machine. In addition, the installation
program may copy the apache web server automatically if any web
server is not found on the machine Finally, the installation
program setups or re-configures the web server to be linked with
CGI and HTML files of WebDbBuilder so as for WebDbBuilder to be
connected by the IP address or the URL address of the web server.
From now, an administrator or sysop can connect and see
ADMINISTRATOR’s Menu Screen of WebDbBuilder through the web
browser, for instance Netscape’s navigator or MS’s exploler, to
build his own databases and related HTML forms effortlessly,
effectively and quickly.”


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