LinuxPR: EST Chosen By HP As First ISV To Reference Sell HP Tape Drives Via The Web

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. (EST) today announced
that customers will be able to purchase tape drives from
Hewlett-Packard Company through EST’s Web site.
HP and EST
have specified a special bundle available through this service
which is optimized for Linux users as an incentive to purchase
through www.estinc.com.”

“Recognized as the leading provider of backup software solutions
for Linux systems, EST is the first ISV (Independent Software
Vendor) chosen by HP to provide this capability.”

“We’re excited to work with HP on this project. Our reputation
for delivering 15 years of reliable Unix backup and 5 years of
Linux solutions combined with the educational nature of our Web
site make us an ideal partner for this initiative,” said Ted Cook,
President and CEO of EST. “We enjoy high Web site access and are
respected for our objective appraisals regarding tape technologies
and products. This endeavor with HP is a natural fit for us.”