LinuxPR: Final Beta of KDE Desktop Available For Linux

Final Beta Preview of Leading Desktop for Linux and Other

“The KDE Team today announced the release of KDE 1.94, the fifth
and final beta preview of Kopernicus, KDE’s next-generation,
powerful, modular desktop. Following the release of KDE 1.93 on
August 23, 2000, the release, code-named “Kandidat”, is based on
Trolltech’s Qt 2.2.0 and will include the core KDE libraries, the
core desktop environment, the KOffice suite, as well as the over
100 applications from the other core KDE packages: Administration,
Games, Graphics, Multimedia, Network, Personal Information
Management (PIM), Toys and Utilities. The release is targeted at
users who would like to help the KDE team make usability, speed and
feature enhancements and fix the remaining set of bugs before the
release of KDE 2.0 (“Kopernicus”), scheduled for early-fourth
quarter 2000.”

“The major changes since the Beta 3 release last month

  • General stability improvements throughout the packages.
  • Major performance enhancements to the HTML widget. It also now
    fully supports “mailto:” URLs and caches pages for fast subsequent
  • The latest Qt release, qt-2.2.0, which for the first time is
    licensed under the GNU General Public License, as well as the Q
    Public License.
  • Fixes to FTP and HTTP proxy support and many improvements to
    FTP support, including symlink support.
  • The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) code in Konqueror has been
    improved, although it is still undergoing heavy development.
  • Konqueror now features an “Open With” and “Save As” option for
    non-HTML links.
  • Useability enhancements, such as background colors for desktop
    icon text.”


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