LinuxPR: First International Conference for PHP Core Development Team January 20

“Conference To Benefit Dynamic Web Page

“… The PHP Core Development team is meeting for the first time
from January 20 to January 24, in Tel Aviv at the Tel Aviv Hilton
Hotel. The focus of the meeting will be to organize the team effort
for developing and generating interest in the popular PHP scripting

“PHP is a freeware, open-source scripting language used for
developing dynamic web pages for e-commerce and other dynamic Web
applications. PHP has been in development since 1994. PHP 3,
released in June 1998, has rapidly gained popularity, and is now in
use in some of the most prominent sites on the Web. PHP 4,
empowered by the Zend engine, is due shortly after the developers’
meeting. It is expected to make PHP an even more powerful solution
for dynamic Web development, by featuring unprecedented performance
and a wide variety of new features.”

“PHP is the natural choice for developers on Linux machines
running Apache server software, but runs equally well on any other
UNIX or Windows platform…”