LinuxPR: Franz Inc. Ships Lisp Development Environment Allegro CL 5.0.1

“Franz Inc. today shipped the new release of its flagship
software development suite, Allegro CL.”

“In addition to providing International Character Set support on
the Windows version (already available on Unix/Linux), improved
database connectivity and a variety of other enhancements, Version
5.0.1 is now available on four new platforms: MkLinux DR3, LinuxPPC
R4, FreeBSD 3.x, and Alpha Windows NT 4.0.”

“‘Allegro CL 5.0.1 is a turbo-charged version of 5.0,’ said
Fritz Kunze, Franz Inc.’s CEO. ‘It has been overhauled to make it
faster, more robust, and easier to use than ever before. Plus, with
the release of four new platforms, Lisp is accessible on just about
any computer system available today.'”