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Bynari’s Help Desk Team Places Free (GPL) Linux Solution on
the Web.

“The Technical Support Team at Bynari wishes to offer its own
Helpdesk administration system to organizations needing a trouble
ticket tracking and knowledge base system. The developer of JCS,
Zach Anthony, licensed it under the GPL. The software exemplifies
an Open Source initiative and provides a robust back-end, with a
web-enabled, platform-neutral interface. JCS is free, modifiable,
and the source code is included. A link to Anthony’s web site
exists on the Help Desk download page.”

“Ron Jenkins, the Director of Technology at Bynari, found and
modified this application,” says Tom Adelstein, CIO. “At first we
decided to distribute it to Bynari’s International Alliance. Then
it occurred to us that we should open it to the community. We sort
of sat there and said ‘what a concept’ as we hit our foreheads with
the palm of our hands.”