LinuxPR: Intranet in A Floppy Disk: Cybozu Office 3 for Linux

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With the file size of less than 700 K for the Linux version
and about 1.2 M for the Windows version, users can download,
install, set up and start taking advantage of the full functions of
Cybozu Office 3 with tens of their colleagues in less than 15

“Cybozu, Inc., the market leader in Japanese web-based office
collaboration software market, today releases the English version
of its award-winning web-based office collaboration suite, Cybozu
Office 3, for Linux 2.X and Windows95/98/NT/2000 to expand its
operation globally, “starting from Asia Pacific, especially
Australia and Singapore, to North America,” according to Toru
Takasuka, CEO and President of Cybozu, Inc.”

“We believe that true information sharing, collaboration and
communication among workgroups and companies cannot be achieved
without the full, active participation of all members. Based on
this concept, Cybozu Office 3 was developed to provide the simple
and easy-to-use groupware for everyone at all IT levels so that
they can maximize their daily-task productivity requiring no
operation guide and training,” said Mr. Takasuka.”