LinuxPR: INUX introduces the future of the computer user interface.

INUX inc. announced today the release the first true
consumer and small business desktop computer, utilizing the stable
and powerful Linux operating system.
INUX Consumer Linux
Personal Computer (PC) systems include the unique and entertaining
INUX Graphical User Interface, delivering easy and intuitive access
to a broad selection of pre-loaded and pre-configured applications
and content. Any new or novice PC user will quickly understand how
and where to consistently access their favorite applications,
Internet content, and games.”

“INUX introduces the future of the computer user interface. INUX
systems are distinguished by the stunning and interactive 3D
graphics of our intuitive user interface. Upon system start-up,
users are presented with comfortable access to ten, instead of just
one, computer desktops. The desktops provide users with
conveniently categorized and organized access to a wide selection
of pre-configured content.”

“INUX is first to nclude an Integral PC system Internet Guides.
The INUX Consumer and Business Internet Guides provide easy and
fast access to thousands of highly-categorized popular Internet
sites. In keeping with the open design of the INUX system,
categories include access to most Internet Portals and Search