LinuxPR: Jon Orwant Joins O’Reilly as Chief Technology Officer

“Jon Orwant is the new Chief Technology Officer of O’Reilly
& Associates, Inc. Orwant will lead the company’s technology
endeavors in product development, strategic investments, marketing,
and operations.”

“‘Jon is a true Renaissance man,’ said O’Reilly President
and CEO Tim O’Reilly.
‘He’s a Perl programmer extraordinaire,
serious computer scientist, writer, editor, wickedly entertaining
speaker, and all around big picture thinker. He’s the perfect
person to lead our technology initiatives and ensure that we
practice what we preach.'”

“Orwant founded The Perl Journal in 1995 and ran it
single-handedly until 1999. He has served on the technical
committee of all of O’Reilly’s Perl conferences, where he is the
creator and emcee of the Internet Quiz Show. He is the author of
two books on Perl, including “Mastering Algorithms with Perl,”
published by O’Reilly in 1999. He invented the world’s first
Internet stock-picking game in 1994, and his Markov-model based
Rock-Paper-Scissors program has been unbeaten since 1997.”