LinuxPR: Lazarus – The open source answer to Kylix

“A new version of the Lazarus IDE is available for download and

“Lazarus is a RAD Object Pascal Development IDE for use with
Free Pascal. Version 0.7 has many more features available then the
previous release. It now uses the latest release of SynEdit. The
use of SynEdit is an indication of the ability of porting Delphi
code to Lazarus….”

“The IDE is built with the Lazarus LCL (Lazarus Class Libraries)
which is analogous to the Delphi VCL. The LCL is designed to be
widget independent so it can be built and run with different API
widgets sets. Currently most development work is being done using
GTK+ and the IDE can be run in Linux and to a certain extent in
Win32. The problems with Win32 are related to the GTK+ version for
Win32. Interfaces for the native Windows API and Qt are also under
development. In the future interfaces for KDE, Gnome and other
libraries will be available. The widget set used is determined by
which one you compile and link against. No changes to your source
code are required.”


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