LinuxPR: Linux Interactive Officially Launches

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“Celebrate Linux Interactive’s launch with a contest and

“Today, Monday, March 13, 2000, Linux Interactive launches. This
past January, Linux Interactive began as a single page site covered
in headlines from multiple sites. Ideas were in the works, but the
site remained mostly unchanged for almost a month. Finally, in
February, the site began to take form. Message boards were added,
along with a newly formed Linux search engine. Content began to
sprout up overnight, and visitors started to trickle in. Finally,
plans were made for an official launch of the site, and something
great was created. Well, two great things were created. One was the
site, which was nearing completion. The other was a fantastic

“The idea for the contest grew quickly, after receiving backing
from some generous Linux companies. Thanks to these, Linux Interactive is able to
offer two prize packages that we think any Linux user, new or old,
would be happy to win. The process of winning will make you happy
too. First, you fill out a form. Second, well, there isn’t a second
step. Didn’t I say it was easy?”

“What do you win? One of the following prize packages:
Newbie Prize Package: BRU
Backup and Restore Utility
, Personal Edition (thanks
to Enhanced Software Technologies
), Linux Journal one
(1) year subscription
(thanks to Linux Journal),
March edition of Linux Journal (thanks to
Linux Journal
), Linux Central CDs: Red Hat
Linux 6.1, Storm Linux 2000, Corel Linux 1.0, Mandrake Linux 7.0,
OpenLinux 2.3, Linux Games, and WordPerfect 8 for Linux, download
edition (thanks to Linux Central), and a Linux
Central Product Catalog
(thanks to Linux