LinuxPR: Linuxcare and LinuxFest 2000 join ranks of Sponsors for LUGs Vs Vendors

“Jeff Gerhardt, co-host of The Linux(r) Show
announced today that, “Linuxcare and
LinuxFest 2000 have joined the ranks of sponsors
at the GeekCast LUGs Vs Vendors Battletech Party.
This event is a follow up to last years very successful party at
Dave & Busters Adult Game Center. The party will be held April
18th starting at 8:00pm CDST. This event IS NOT associated with
Comdex or Ziff Davis, but is being held during the same week as
Spring Comdex AKA Linux Business Expo.””

“Gerhardt commented on the event saying, “Dave & Busters is
Chicago’s best electronic gaming center for adults, or those who
are supposed to be adults. If you like beer, playing games and
enjoying the company of fellow Linux Geeks, this is your party. We
are very excited about our two new sponsors. In addition to being a
sponsor, Linuxcare (www.linuxcare.com) is going to pass
out copies of their now famous Bootable Business
to everyone who attends the party. Greg Palmer from
LinuxFest (www.linuxfest.net) just sent us a
check and instructed us to buy beer, and we think
we can deal with that.””

“Vendors who would like to sponsor a team to battle against the
LUGs, or would just like to kick in for the party and have some
fun, should contact [email protected]