LinuxPR: Linuxcare And VMware Combine Forces

Partnership Allows Companies to Share Technical and
Marketing Support.

“Linuxcare, Inc., the premier provider of Linux services to the
Global 1000, and VMware, Inc., the leading provider of virtual
machine applications for PCs, recently announced a partnership to
share their technical and marketing expertise.”

“This partnership brings together two of the most
forward-looking companies in the Linux arena, enabling Linuxcare
and VMware to combine in-depth technical knowledge that will
benefit customers who want to run WindowsR software or other
applications on their Linux systems. VMware’s innovative software
significantly improves the overall computing experience by offering
power and versatility for Linux users, and freeing developers and
end users from operating system constraints. This partnership will
also enable Linuxcare to provide application support to its
customers running VMware on their desktops. This highlights
Linuxcare’s continued commitment to providing the most in-depth
technical support in the Linux space.”