LinuxPR: Linuxpertise.com – Empowering your Enterprise with Linux

“This venture is backed by our strong commitment to the Linux
movement, our steady focus on the requirements of the corporate
Information Systems strategists and our own expertise in the Linux
arena. The objective of this portal is to provide
Support, Information and
migration roadmaps to Corporates adopting
Linux for mainstream as well as Mission Critical Applications.”

“This portal addresses and technically resolves issues that have
stood in the way of successful Corporate Linux deployment. Our
steady focus on Enterprise-specific requirements and the resultant
demands on software lead us to deliver reliable support, and
critical Enterprise- specific information.”

“Our focus on customized service on a case to case basis is
reflected in the elaborate attention given to each sector in our

“Linuxpertise.com houses an easily accessible round the
clock, round the year Linux expert team which ensures that Linux is
successfully deployed and supported at your enterprise. Support
will be provided on-site or on-line.”