LinuxPR: Loki and Trolltech Form Strategic Alliance to Develop Linux Applications

“Loki Software, Inc., the foremost publisher of commercial games
for the Linux operating system, and Trolltech, a leader in C++
cross-platform GUI application frameworks, today announce a
strategic alliance to provide business and end-user programs for

“As Linux continues to gain momentum with both businesses and
consumers, a growing numbers of PC software companies are
recognizing the need for Linux-based versions of their products.
Using the Qt toolkit, Loki’s newly formed Applications Group
will provide third-party applications porting services and custom
applications development.

“Loki has had tremendous success porting video games to Linux,”
said Haavard Nord, Trolltech CEO. “We feel that their new
Applications Group will also be a huge success and we are very
excited to be working with them. Loki will be porting applications
that are vital to business, which will be a huge boost to the
continued adoption of Linux.”