LinuxPR: Lycoris Releases Desktop/LX Update 2

Lycoris has released a new update to its flagship desktop
operating system, Desktop/LX. Desktop/LX now includes a powerful
new Control Center, Desktop Sharing, Iris (Internet Rapid Installer
for Software) and much more.

Maintatining a focus on ease of use, Lycoris added a new
Software Installer to Desktop/LX. Users can now use the powerful
new Internet installer, Iris, to browse and install Desktop/LX
programs from the Software Gallery. The Software Gallery can be
found online at http://www.lycoris.com/webservices/iris/
and serves as a convenient repository for quality programs to
enhance Desktop/LX. It contains categories identical to the
Desktop/LX Flower Menu to give users a consistent interface, and
also offers keyword searching. Once the user find a program they
desire, one click installs it onto their Desktop/LX system.

“Iris is another way we simplify the Desktop/LX experience for
users switching over from Windows. Being able to install software
is now just as easy with Desktop/LX as any other platform. We’ve
gotten quite a few compliments on the simplicity of Iris and how
the programs drop in and work without a hassle,” states Mike Weltz,
Lycoris Sales Director.

The new Desktop/LX Control
brings simple icon access to all Desktop/LX
configuration tasks. Adding new hardware or printers, modifying
desktop appearance or fonts, and changing the Internet and network
settings are all done through this clean user interface.

Desktop/LX Update 2 gives users the ability to recover from
system configuration errors and get assistance with two new
features: Video Recovery Mode and Desktop Sharing. If the user has
changed hardware or software settings which make it difficult to
use Desktop/LX, the user simply holds down the CTRL key at boot
time and Desktop/LX enters Video Recovery Mode. From there the user
can graphically configure video settings or boot into Desktop/LX
with a minimal configuration. Video Recovery Mode also
automatically starts if Desktop/LX detects a problem and the X
server fails to start during login. Desktop Sharing enables
Desktop/LX users to get help over the Internet or local network
from other Desktop/LX users by allowing another user to see and
control the desktop. Desktop Sharing represents an incredible step
forward for corporate help desks and anyone who benefits from
visually assisting users.

Another feature of Desktop/LX comes to users on local area
networks: right click file sharing. Desktop/LX now has the ability
to share any user directory with a simple click of the right mouse
button enabling users to collaborate on docutments and share data
directly from their Desktop/LX system. Other Desktop/LX users on
the network will see shared files in the Desktop/LX Network Broswer
which shows Windows and Desktop/LX shares in a simple point and
click interface.

The latest release of Desktop/LX also contains better hardware
recognition plus expanded wireless networking support. Updated
Gphoto and CUPS packages increase the number of supported printers
and digital cameras, with additional USB devices, like the Sony
Clie, being supported directly in My Linux System for drag and drop

New features in Desktop/LX Update 2 include:

  • Desktop/LX Installer enhancements
  • New Control Center
  • New Software Wizard which includes Iris – The
    Internet Rapid
    Installer for Software
  • Video Recovery Mode
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Right click file sharing
  • Speed improvements
  • Better Winmodem support
  • Simple firewall GUI control
  • Better support for wireless networking
  • Support for parallel Zip drives in My Linux System
  • More digital cameras supported
  • Better TV card support
  • Updated CUPS with more printer drivers
  • Mozilla 1.0 Final
  • Xfree86 4.2.0
  • Linux kernel version 2.4.18

This new release of Desktop/LX is immediately available for
purchase at the Lycoris
, Fry’s
Electronics Stores
or by contacting the Lycoris sales
department at sales@lycoris.com.

International Resellers include:


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