LinuxPR: MontaVista Staffing Ramp-up Continues With Mark Orvek As Engineering Director

“MontaVista Software Inc., developer of the Hard Hat (TM)
Linux® operating system (OS) for embedded computers, today
announces the hiring of Mark Orvek as director of engineering.
Orvek comes to MontaVista with 18 years of experience at
Hewlett-Packard Co. in engineering management, software design
engineering and technical support.

“We are delighted to have Mark on board to lead MontaVista’s
embedded Linux technology thrust,” comments MontaVista Software
President and CEO Jim Ready, a pioneer in real-time/embedded
operating systems. “The engineering team he leads combines the best
of the open source movement with a solid background in software
engineering practices. Mark will help MontaVista’s Hard Hat Linux
address the applications of a wide range embedded systems
designers.” Kevin Morgan, MontaVista vice president of engineering,
adds “Mark’s proven ability to deliver production software
complements MontaVista’s Linux subscription services – a superb
combination of technology and expertise.”

“Orvek’s background in high availability, operating system
architecture and real-time, augments MontaVista’s already
substantial expertise in embedded systems and open systems
computing. Orvek himself feels that “Linux will be the key
technology for powering `post-PC’ era devices – Internet appliances
and other pervasive computing applications. MontaVista is uniquely
positioned to provide solutions for this market with its focused
Hard Hat Linux product and services.”