LinuxPR: Moonshine Professional C/C++ Edition Released

Suite 3220 Software announces the launch of Moonshine
Professional C/C++ Edition version 1.0, a robust, easy to use
Integrated Development Environment for Linux.

“Today Suite 3220 Software, a leader in the development of
customizable software application development tools for Linux,
announced the release of Moonshine Professional C/C++ Edition, a
robust, flexible, and easy to use Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) for Linux.”

“Moonshine Professional C/C++ Edition is a full featured,
powerful software development tool. At it’s heart is the Source
Tree Browser which gives users a hierarchical view of the structure
of their projects. The Brew Text Editor is a robust programmer’s
text editor that features regular expression search and replace,
unlimited undo and redo, and multiple keystroke store and replay
abilities. Linux command line tools like gcc, make, RCS, and grep
are integrated in with a windowing interface to provide features
such as build management, revision control, and text searching to
the software developer, allowing them to setup project compiles,
store and track source code revisions, and perform sweeping text
searches and replaces. For GUI development, Moonshine Professional
C/C++ Edition installs and integrates with the Free Edition of Qt