LinuxPR: NEdit 5.1 Text Editor Beta, First GPL Release!

“NEdit is a popular Unix text editor which combines a simple and
standard graphical user interface with the thorough functionality
and stability required by users who edit text (or code, html,
scripts, etc.) eight hours a day.”

“Its former license and reliance on Motif libraries have kept it
off of the major Linux distributions, so most Linux users have not
yet seen NEdit, or have only seen unstable versions of it linked
with early Lesstif releases.”

“With recent releases of Lesstif (.89.4 and beyond), NEdit built
with Lesstif is now very close to the reliability it has
historically had under Motif. The entire package of NEdit + Lesstif
is now 100% GPL software.”

“NEdit’s command set is as thorough as emacs… Unlike
emacs, however, nedit has a straightforward graphical user