LinuxPR: Oracle Capitalizes On Enterprise Demand With Announcement Of Oracle8i

“Linux Early Adopters Programs Draws Nearly 20,000

“Oracle Corporation… today announced dramatic growth and
demand for Oracle on Linux with strong adoption in both enterprise
and general business markets. Oracle also announced the general
availability of Oracle8i on Linux, after a successful early
adopter’s program.”

“Since Oracle Corp. announced Oracle8 on Linux, there have been
over 50,000 downloads from Oracle Technology Network (http://technet.oracle.com/ ). Now,
after the announcement of Oracle8i, there have been nearly 20,000
registrants for early access in the first few weeks. Outside the
development community, Oracle has also seen overwhelming customer
adoption with an excess of 800 paying customers today — over half
of these orders from enterprise accounts and the remainder from
small to mid-sized businesses and organizations.”