LinuxPR: PHP 4.0 Release Features Zend Engine

“Quality Scripting Engine Revolutionizes PHP.”

The PHP Association has announced the release of PHP 4.0, a
significant accomplishment realized by the international community
of PHP developers.
PHP is built around the Zend Engine
developed by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, co-founders of Zend
Technologies Ltd. The Zend Engine features a complete restructuring
of the way PHP processes code-though it features backward
compatibility with PHP 3. Zend Technologies remains committed to
continuing improvements on the Zend Engine for the open-source PHP
development community.”

“The Zend Engine speeds the performance of PHP 4.0, making it
many times faster than PHP 3. This performance benefit was
accomplished by changing the execution paradigm from an
execute-while-parsing mode to a compile-then-execute mode.”


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