LinuxPR: SAS Institute to port SAS software to Linux

” ‘We have surveyed our customers regarding Linux and closely
monitored the Linux marketplace for some time,’ said Keith Collins,
SAS Institute’s vice president of research and development. ‘Based
on positive customer feedback, as well as the increasing number of
Fortune 1000 companies looking seriously at Linux as a viable
operating-system choice for their enterprise-wide business
applications, we felt that the time was right for us to offer a
Linux version of SAS software. We’re also pleased by the recent
moves to support Linux by IBM, Intel and other SAS technology
partners.’ “

“SAS Institute plans to ship a production version of SAS
software for Red Hat Linux on Intel hardware near the end of the
year. … The Institute will work to ensure that the Linux version
of SAS software runs on all major distributions of Linux.”

” ‘Many IT managers are attracted to the reliability and
ease-of-use of Linux, but are worried about the dearth of
heavy-duty business applications on the platform,’ said Bob Moran,
research vice president and managing director for decision support
research at Aberdeen Group. ‘SAS Institute’s intent to port SAS
software to Linux will help allay these concerns. As a leader in
mission-critical software solutions as well as in customer service
and technical support, SAS Institute adds to the overall viability
of the Linux platform and will help bolster the confidence of
companies deploying Linux.”

“SAS Institute has a long tradition of multi-platform support,
and is committed to supporting its customers’ choices of operating
systems, from desktop systems to mainframes. With today’s
announcement, SAS Institute is extending this commitment through
the support of Linux.”