LinuxPR: TelcoSoft announces the availibility of Extensys 1.0.1 for Linux

Support for Dialogic CT boards added to Extensys.

“On behalf of TelcoSoft, Inc., I am pleased to announce the
availibility of Extensys 1.0.1 for the Linux Intel Platform. First,
we wish to thank all the folks who registered for Free Extensys in
response to our earlier announcement in August, 2000.”

“Extensys is a powerful and complete environment for developing
and deploying production-grade communications applications in a
distributed environment. Using Extensys, a C++ software developer
can develop complex and robust communications applications at a
rapid pace without a deep understanding of the underlying devices,
protocols and practices. When these applications are deployed, the
services provided by these applications can be accessed by the
end-users (or subscribers) either from a telecommunications network
(via phone) or from the service providers web site….”