LinuxPR: Terra Soft Solutions to Participate in Science and Technology Roadshow and FOSE with Apple

“Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the leading developer of Linux
solutions for PowerPC(TM) microprocessors, today announced it will
participate in the six-week, six-city Apple Science and Technology
Roadshow 2000 and join Apple Computer at FOSE, the leading-edge
tradeshow for technology leaders in government agencies.”

“For researchers and scientists, the Science and Technology
Roadshow 2000 is sponsored by Apple, National Instruments, Research
Systems, SAS Institute, and Terra Soft Solutions. This free,
half-day event will showcase best-of-class tools for science and
applied science applications, including the Power Mac G4 with
Velocity Engine.
With the ability to execute a billion or more
floating-point operations per second (a Gigaflop), the new PowerPC
G4 chip delivers supercomputing performance at the price of a
desktop computer.”

“In addition to the open forums, Terra Soft will participate in
presentations at MIT, Fermi, NIH, NASA, and DOE-Richland
Operations. Employees of the mentioned facilities should contact
their local Apple representative for more information about the
in-house presentations.”